Work Ethic

Work ethic is the concept or moral principle that working hard and/or performing well at work is internally valuable and should be rewarded.

Having a good, strong work ethic is something that many employers value. As an employee, it’s something that can make you more valuable and set you apart from other employees, which can help you keep your job if layoffs occur. It can also help you earn bonuses, raises, and/or promote within the company.

There are numerous ways to demonstrate good work ethic. Here are a few of those ways:

  • Act With Integrity.
    • High moral standards.
    • Trusted relationships with clients and coworkers.
    • Provide honest and valuable feedback to coworkers.
  • Demonstrate Responsibility.
    • Show up on time.
    • Give your best effort.
    • Complete projects to the best of your ability.
  • Produce Quality Results.
    • Achieve greater than expected.
    • Recognize that your efforts contribute to a greater whole, which is the company’s success.
  • Be Self-Disciplined.
    • Remain committed.
    • Persevere.
    • Follow through on all tasks, daily.
  • Contribute To Teamwork.
    • Respect your coworkers/supervisors.
    • Help whenever and wherever possible.
    • Always deliver excellent quality work when contributing to a team project.
  • Be Reliable.
    • Be punctual.
    • Deliver what you promise.
  • Show Dedication.
    • Do what is necessary to complete tasks and projects.
    • Put in extra hours when allowed and needed.
  • Produce Productively.
    • Work at a fast pace.
    • Churn out work with as few errors as possible.
  • Be Professional.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Communicate appropriately.
    • Carry yourself well/have good posture.
    • Have a good, positive attitude.
  • Display Humility.
    • Give credit where credit is due.
    • Express gratitude to your coworkers and clients/customers.
    • Be open to learning from others.
    • Maintain a good sense of humor.
  • Practice Proper Self-Care.
    • Focus on your health.
    • Sleep enough and well.
    • Eat nutritious food.
    • Relax/recharge.


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