Difference Makers Idea Challenge

& Kicking Out Child Abuse

Months ago, the idea of a 1 day soccer tournament to benefit child abuse awareness and empower survivors came into play. A sport gives a child a fun activity to be passionate about, even when they feel alone, and their loved ones are against them. Soccer is simple because it requires little equipment to practice.  This is great for a child who needs a hobby that they can even do alone if they have to.  They can practice kicks against the wall or foot skills in their living room. It’s the most universal sport.

At a college in Massachusetts, we’re pitching our idea in the Difference Makers Idea Challenge for current students and alumni. The Difference Makers Idea challenge consisting of educational workshops, help a team with an innovative idea to plan, organize, and find resources for their solution; A challenge that can help others make a positive change in the world.

Tomorrow is our last workshop, with a team meeting to follow, we’re about halfway through the program and challenge.  We have a long road ahead, but we’re excited for our projects.

*Editor’s Note:  This article is meant to help spark ideas of events that people can host to support Child Abuse Prevention.  This unique idea and event comes from the article’s author.  With Love, Nicolette.