Comply With Laws, Regulations

It may seem like we have laws and regulations over everything, and we may often not enjoy following these rules. Honestly, who likes being told what to do all the time?! However, in order to live in a civil society, it’s imperative that we have some laws and regulations to follow. Laws and regulations can serve to protect us, solve conflicts, and preserve our rights.


We benefit greatly from following laws and regulations. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Food Safety
    • Restaurants must follow certain guidelines pertaining to food preparation and storage in order to keep diners safe.
    • The food we buy in grocery stores is subject to meeting certain standards, which increases our chances of staying healthy.
  • Driver Safety
    • Traffic laws and speed limits provide safer driving environments. 
  • Medical Safety
    • Can you imagine if doctors, physicians assistants, and nurses weren’t required to follow any rules? Can you imagine if you were going in for surgery, and you had no way to verify that the person putting you under with anesthesia was certified? These people have our lives in their hands, so laws and regulations pertaining to the medical field help keep us safe and healthy. 
  • Basic Rights
    • The laws contained in the United States Constitution Bill of Rights guarantee our basic freedoms including freedom of religion, speech, and the press. 
    • Laws exist that can protect us, including when considering employment, from discrimination based on our race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status.
  • Bring About Change 
    • Laws and regulations often influence social thinking, so they can be a catalyst for social change. 
  • Workplace Safety
    • Can you imagine if companies were allowed to work their employees for as many hours as they want, pay them any salary that they want, choose not to provide employee benefits, and choose whether or not employees received any breaks, sick time, or vacation time? (Of course, employers are obligated to follow a variety of regulations depending on numerous factors, including number of employees, so not all employers must meet the same standards.) Our safety at work is increased by laws and regulations that protect us workers and provide guidelines for safe and ethical business operations.
  • Property Safety
    • Protection is provided that prevents theft of and provides punishment for damage of our property.
  • Safety From Harm
    • Laws and regulations can prohibit others from harming us and punish those who do.
  • Maintain Order
    • We need some sort of baseline established to maintain order in our communities and in society as a whole. 


What our friends think:

Gretchen S. says, “Because I like my teaching job and want to keep it… Seriously, it is because we are a part of a community/society that depends on a baseline standard for the good of the whole. Even though there are aspects that seem arbitrary to me–my trash bins have to be off the street by 5 pm the day after trash day. I can’t park on the lawn. Those seem a bit picky, but imagine an entire neighborhood where not even that basic standard was upheld.

My vehicle must have a basic level of safety function in order to be street legal. It must be registered with the state. It’s annoying to spend money on these things every year, but think of how many times you didn’t realize you needed new tires or that your tie rods were loose, and it was time to replace? I don’t like paying the $70 a year to own each vehicle, but when the guy hit my car, and we had a plate number, I was thankful that the police had a recent address for him on file. I’m glad we have roads and fire departments.

It’s annoying to have to show my ID to buy sinus meds and have the quantities limited. But when the meth lab exploded a block from the school, it made sense why they wanted to make that hard to come by. Not to mention the fun battle that is every day as the mom of an adopted meth baby. Drugs are bad, kids.

Baseline standards benefit us.”


Amanda F. says, “In my career field, there are many laws and regulations, and it’s very important to follow them for the safety of the customer and for the protection of myself.” Amanda is a Master Cosmetologist.


Lauren S. says, “When I explain to my Drug Court kids how people are acting and using their community powers to make marijuana legal and change the laws, they are all about it. Until I tell them that if they have a felony drug conviction, they can’t vote and have no voice in any process. Minds blow at that point.”


Brea B. says, “I am the agent. I hire nannies for families. Each rule, law, and regulation is important for the children’s safety. With children, any slip or hiccup could cause chaos or injuries.”


Dani C. says, “Tragedy of the Commons. Within a community, this can cause scarcity in resources, such as basic needs, which can lead to physical violence, as well as other behaviors. I understand people don’t want to pay to fish or limit their number, but it’s better than having none at all. If there isn’t some type of regulation, we as a whole cannot maintain a resource, whether it’s money, food, or rights. We can try without, but it is not sustainable, and eventually, someone takes more. Eventually, it will turn into a mess. A good example would be issues with water in Kenya. There are a lot of conflicts that result in violence because basic needs aren’t achieved. It ties back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. When our basic needs aren’t obtainable, that’s when you find that people will do anything, even kill their neighbor. Regulations help to keep order, even though a lot aren’t followed.” Click Here to learn more about Tragedy of the Commons.


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