Empowering Child Abuse Survivors And Promoting Awareness

Meet Megan.

            Megan is a Graduate of the Journalism & Professional Writing program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her future goals and aspirations include eventually graduating with a PhD in Biology, focusing on Vertebrate Zoology research, and working with animals in the fields of Ethology and Genetics. 
           Additionally, she has an Educator background. Specifically, she has worked in a butterfly garden, also known as “The Butterfly Place” in Westford, MA, and she loved working there.  She has worked with school groups and stayed in the atrium to educate all of her customers on butterflies. At Umass Lowell, she was a peer writing tutor as well as a tutor for a middle school aged student in a variety of subjects. Furthermore, she has worked at Aloha Mind Math in Nashua, New Hampshire educating children on how to go about arithmetic using an abacus as well as an Inclusion Aide at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro. 
            At University of Massachusetts Lowell, Megan joined her sorority Alpha Omega, and she participated in many Community Service events within several different Non-Profit organizations. Meg has remained very active with many Journalism interests from her internship to building and executive community service projects, such as her project with No Longer Silenced Movement, Blow the Whistle on Child Abuse, and the Lowell Youth Soccer Association. 

            She is passionate about empowering child abuse survivors and promoting education and awareness of this cause through her writing.