21 Days To Build A Habit

I follow a lot of different Nike accounts via Instagram, and since the beginning of January, they promoted the 21 days to build a habit notion. While, scientifically speaking, there might not be indefinite evidence to support the claim, it’s safe to say if you do something everyday, for 3 weeks in a row, you will make a habit of it…good or bad.

From this, I wanted to build a 21 day child abuse survivor challenge, promoting healing and seeing how you’ve grown in a positive way, after getting away from your abuse. While we all deal with things differently, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel helps everyone to look past their darkest days. For this challenge, I’m going to give the challenges three days at a time, all involving something you need to write down.

Here’re your first three days:

Day One – Write about a bond you were able to form that came from being a survivor.

Day Two – What is a positive trait you developed from being a survivor?

Day Three – What is a weakness/struggle that you want to work on that you developed from abuse, and how has it already improved compared to what it was?